Izzy Knowles selected as Lib Dem PPC for Birmingham Hall Green

I passionately believe that as a country we are safer, stronger and better off inside the EU, working hand in hand with our friends and neighbours, with the deal we already have. Birmingham Hall Green voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. And yet our current MP voted and campaigned to leave the EU, and despite a few words and some votes in the right places designed to placate, he has done nothing to even try to understand what the majority of us feel, our concerns and worries and our desire for unity and peace. He takes no interest in his constituency except where it will win him votes, he took sides with people who are actively promoting hate against a minority group and did not even bother to try to understand the full issues of what is going on or acknowledge the worries of the people who feel their hard won rights are being undermined and put at risk.

I cannot sit by and let him take the votes of his constituents for granted as he has done in the last two elections.

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