Homelessness affects everyone. It’s time for a better future

As a Parliamentary candidate, I am appalled at the figures released by Shelter on the scandal of child homelessness across the West Midlands. It is to our region’s shame that there are no less than 7,370 children who are deemed homeless or in temporary accommodation- 1 in 185 children, a 242% rise over the last 5 years- the second biggest increase regionally in England. This is yet another example of the current governments shameful neglect of some of the most vulnerable in society- our children.

No child should suffer the trauma of being made homeless, yet a lack of social housing and cuts to benefits are forcing hundreds of families out on the streets every week. We have outlined a plan for a better future, which ensures that everyone has a decent home and includes a commitment to building 100,000 new social homes. The other parties pay lip service to this goal, but only the Liberal Democrats have the clear and credible policies to achieve it.

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